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Academic Career

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management and Organizational Sciences
  • Research focus: Consumer interactions with mobile apps and push notifications in particular
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in E-Commerce
  • Master thesis: Factors influencing buying decisions on B2C online marketplaces
  • Lectures (i. a.): Business Intelligence, Smart Data, IT Management, Business Models in E-Commerce, Concepts of Database Technologies, Programing, Web Analytics, Online Marketing
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor thesis: Logistics as critical success factor in e-commerce
  • Focus: E-business and digital marketing
  • Electives: B2B Marketing, Empirical Methodologies
Dedicating myself to a specific topic in a profound, constant and over and over again - that is what I had to learn. One of my former professors at HSBA gave me the tip that a doctoral program might be just the right method for me to do so.
Atilla Wohllebe - Online Marketing Rockstars 2016
Atilla Wohllebe


In the following you will find my publications so far. In addition to the most important header data of the papers, I have also summarized some of the most important statements below each publication. These statements can be identified by the clipboard symbol: 📋

Wohllebe, A. (2020).
Consumer Acceptance of App Push Notifications: Systematic Review on the Influence of Frequency
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies 14 (13), pp. 36-47.
📋 Push notifications are suitable for encouraging users to use an app and establish new habits.
📋 App usage increases with frequency, with particularly active users tolerating higher frequencies.
📋 A too high frequency of push notifications can be perceived as disturbing.
📋 There’s a research gap in observing real app user behavior instead of using data from questionnaires.

Wohllebe, A. (2020).
Kaufverhalten auf B2C-Online-Marktplätzen. Einflussfaktoren bei der Händlerauswahl
(ENG: Buying behaviour in B2C online marketplaces. Influencing factors in the selection of merchants.)
GRIN Munich. ISBN: 9783346173331.
📋 The price dominates in purchasing decisions on marketplaces.
📋 Besides price, good merchant ratings play a particularly important role.
📋 For products that are often rather urgently needed, the importance of a fast delivery time increases.

Wohllebe, A. (2019).
How Max Roser’s „Our World In Data“ Contributes to Raising Awareness and Combating Climate Change
Regional and Business Studies 11(2), pp. 87-92.
📋 Projects highlighting current developments relating to climate change contribute to combating climate change by raising awareness.

Wohllebe, A. (2019).
Dialogue Marketing: Ecological Sustainability of Letter and E-Mail in Comparison in Germany
Journal of Environmental Sustainability 7(1), pp. 52-64. 
📋 The CO2 footprint of a single letter is significantly higher than that of a single e-mail.
📋 In total, the CO2 footprint of spam or advertising e-mails is significantly higher than that of print advertising.
📋 The environmental impact (CO2 emissions) of advertising e-mails is due to the practically infinite scalability in terms of cost.
📋 A parafiscal tax for sending or receiving e-mails, especially advertising, could reduce the environmental impact.

This list is updated continously.

Lecturing & Teaching

University of Applied Sciences Wedel
Guest Lecture: „Location-Based Marketing“

Szent István University – Kaposvár Campus
Guest Lecture: „Sustainability in Digital Marketing“
Exercise: „Microeconomics – Supply & Demand“

02/2020 & 03/2020
Hamburg School of Business Administration
Research Seminar: „Digitization in Retail“

University of Applied Sciences Wedel
Guest Lecture: „Smartphone Apps in Cross-Channel Retail“

Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
Guest Lecture (VoD): „Digital Marketing for Local Companies“

Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
Guest Lecture (VoD): „Digital Business Models“

Hamburg School of Business Administration
Guest Lecture: „Case Study: Transformaton of Digital Marketing“