Python script: Check website for Google Analytics usage

Python Script: Does a website use Google Analytics?

My first Python script I want to publish contains two simple functions that can be pretty useful for webmasters using the web analytics tool Google Analytics. Especially those who’re running online shops with hundreds of products or websites composed of thousands of urls may care of consistent web analytics data.

So if you want to know if your Google Analytics is implemented on every single page and e. g. – if legally necessary – with anonymizing the ip of the website’s visitors, the following functions can be useful to you: CheckGA() checks the sourcecode of a url for Google Analytics, using CheckGAIP() instead will additionally check the Analytics implementation with anonymizeIP. I use the two following functions combined with a crawler for some of my own websites & projects.

Download: „GoogleAnalyticsCheck“

If this sounds like a possible use case to you, check out download link below.

Download: Google Analytics Check for Python

If you feel better without downloading anything, see the two functions below.

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