Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant – Study Notes by Atilla Wohllebe

In this blogpost I’d like to share my (of course non-official) Study Notes to become Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant. It is based on many different resources and is still work in progress (…I think it will always be…), so maybe some of you want to contribute with some tips, questions and / or experiences.

Python script: Simple domain crawler

Python Script: Collecting websites with Domain Crawler This is my second Python script I’d like to publish. Also this script is a really simple one but after some modification / adding features can be used for a lot of different things. What it basically does? Well, what you can do with it is to collect […]

Kostenlose WLAN Hotspots in Itzehoe

Gratis WLAN in Itzehoe – Ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit? Ich beschließe, den Tag nicht daheim, sondern irgendwo in einem Café in Itzehoe zu verbringen. Voraussetzung, klar: WLAN. Auf Facebook frage ich meinen Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis, wo es in Itzehoe, meiner Heimatstadt irgendwo im Nirgendwo im Westen Schleswig-Holsteins, eigentlich kostenfreies WLAN + Kaffee und Snacks gibt. […]